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About us

About us

ABOUT saco

saco has now grown to become a name synonymous with quality and a recognised creative force within the hairdressing industry.

We believe in ‘Beauty First’ – always working to achieve a modern, beautiful and suitable result for each and every individual.

saco strives to create environments that will both inspire and promote personal development. Through education, we endeavour to share extensive experience and offer the highest standard of training designed specifically to meet the needs of the individual. 

We have the belief that the desire to learn is born from the desire to achieve. In the ever-evolving world of hair, achievement is dependent on knowledge and expertise. Education is key in the advancement of your skills and ability to succeed. 

With an unsurpassed reputation as pioneers of creativity within the industry, we are the first choice of many of the worlds leading names in hair. 

Our Creative Team boasts many award winning individuals and our collections, events and business news are regularly featured in the worlds trade and consumer press. Our teams continue to excite and inspire audiences across the globe.


simple and easy to understand

Based on individual instruction in a small number of people, it is important that it is simple and easy to understand for people of all levels. Beginners who are just starting out as hair stylist can understand the fun of designing hair in a simple and easy-to-understand manner, while stylists and experienced professionals can pursue techniques, designs, and creations to a deeper level. I want you to We aim to reflect and utilize the skills and experience gained at the saco japan academy in our salon work and creations


Individualised instruction

It’s the same in the education of the salon, but I’m going to see the child himself. Looking at the child, each person has a personality, and each person has their own personal part, personality, and way of thinking. saco japan academy carefully observes and understands students, knows them well, what kind of yardstick they use to see things, what kind of hair stylist  they want to be, and what kind of life they want to lead. Education starts from understanding what you want. For some students, it is better to explain theoretically, and for students who are not good at theory and principles and are intuitive, I will explain in an intuitive and easy-to-understand manner. I change the way I teach according to the character and personality of the child. Many people may think that education is about teaching, but in fact, education is about nurturing. I think it is important to speak, how to speak, and how to communicate.


Education that makes the most of individuality

Even if it is possible to train ordinary level hair stylist with systemised manual education, it is difficult to train hair stylist  with unique characteristics and strengths. Systematised education is an education system that excludes outstanding people and unique people, regardless of the beauty industry. I think it’s important to understand what your strengths are and what skills you can compete against among the many hair stylist in this modern age where you can send out personal information on SNS and have confidence in it. If you have your own strengths and higher skills than others, you will be able to gain confidence in salon work and education. It may take some time at first, but I think it is important to educate students to make use of their unique characteristics and to bring them into a state where they can have a weapon that is different from other hair stylist


Small group

At saco japan academy, we value education and individual guidance tailored to individual characteristics. When it comes to recognising the character and individuality of each individual and providing an education that matches the student, it is difficult to determine the individuality of each student with one instructor in charge of 10 or 20 student. At Saco japan academy, each student and the instructor give feedback on the day after class, but unless the number of students is small, it will be difficult to give individualised advice. By keeping our classes small, we are able to provide personalised training.


It is important to learn with whom and in what kind of environment

I don’t think it’s limited to hairdressers, but if you want to learn something and move on to a higher level, it’s very important who you learn from and what kind of environment you learn.  At saco Japan Academy, only instructors approved by Richard Ashforth, International Creative Director, teach courses. Your instructor will be an instructor who has won awards in various contests, including the JHA (Japan Hairdressing Award)

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